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While some will order from Amazon, most order from wholesalers. If your book is self-published, depending on the platform you used, your book may already be available from a distributor. Once your marketing strategy is implemented, there are two ways to get your book into libraries: one-by-one or en masse. This approach could also turn you into a local celebrity, increasing your popularity and furthering the likelihood that librarians will want to put your book on their shelves.

If your success continues there, keep expanding your geographical reach. This includes things like postcards, flyers and brochures designed to provide detailed information to a specific audience. Another option is marketing through e-newsletters, such as LibraryBub. This service offers a feature in its weekly newsletter that is sent to thousands of librarians, helping them discover indie and small press books that they can then stock in their library. Alinka Rutkowska has sold more than 80, books and she teaches others how they can do the same.

She created multiple 6-figure funnels that start with a book and she can help you do the same. Join us September That said, there are some things to consider: If you want to share snippets from your book on your page, go for it. That's what makes me want to buy the book. If you're putting an entire chapter on your page for people to read to entice them, you could skip that and use it as a freebie for your mailing list instead.

Remember: everything you write has a copyright on it the moment you pen it. If this is all about, "But someone might steal it!

1. Enjoy what you do.

Worrying about social media isn't the concern—it's what happens after you hit publish. If your book does really well, there's a possibility someone will pirate it, and that's when you can worry. Right now? Share your words. See Also, produce valuable, authentic, original content, and you will have organic engagement. Plain and simple.

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My question is: what does effective mean to you in terms of going live? Figure that out first, and then see how you can achieve those goals. For example, maybe your goal is to reach a milestone of 1, views on your Facebook Live.

50 Inspirational Marketing Tips from Authors [Free Flipbook!]

Then I'd try 3. I'd also keep in mind the content you'll do for Facebook Live. If you talk about something controversial or timely, you'll increase your views. Tell me what you mean by effective in the comments, and I'll continue this conversation.

  • 1. Keep a master interview sheet;
  • Breakfast at Noon.
  • Collective Bargaining and Wage Formation: Performance and Challenges.

I hope this was helpful. If you have questions, drop them in the comments. An expert editor, seasoned writer, and author-centric marketer, Shayla Raquel works one-on-one with authors and business owners every day. A lifelong lover of books, she has edited over books and has launched several Amazon bestsellers for her clients.

Her award-winning blog teaches new and established authors how to write, publish, and market their books. She lives in Oklahoma with her two dogs, Chanel and Wednesday. You can unsubscribe at anytime. I only provide value to my subscribers—that's my promise. Subscribe to receive the Pre-Publishing Checklist. This bad boy has saved scores of authors time, money, and hair-pulling. Thank you! Check your email for your oh-so-amazing freebies.

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This website uses affiliate links for copious amounts of coffee. Privacy Policy. Get RSS Feed. Facebook has advertising. Yes, it does work. Build a big community thanks to groups. Networking—without having to leave the house. Why do I need a Facebook author page?

6 YA website tips for Young-Adult Authors (with examples)

Without it, you lose the lifeline to your readers. The advertising capabilities are outstanding! How does a Facebook author page help me sell books? What about the new algorithm?

  1. A Lustful Faerie Winter - Erotic Short Story for Women;
  2. Resources for Writers.
  3. Character Worksheets.
  4. Click Here (to find out how i survived seventh grade).
  5. I used to have a Facebook author page. How do I set up a Facebook author page? What are the basics?

    2. Be patient.

    Update all of your page's information Do you remember the last time you clicked settings and went through everything? Check all of the following to ensure accuracy: About: Edit category — You can have up to three categories on your page. Write micro blog posts and use emojis For some bizarre reason, I have super-high engagement every time I write a micro blog post.

    Invite people to like your page after they engage Possibly the nicest thing Facebook has ever done for us. Check in with your location or event Checking in is just one more way to gain extra visibility. Add on some add-ons Click Settings on the upper right. Update pinned post I'm surprised by how often I forget to do this.

    Tag other pages If you tag other pages, then you're increasing your visibility and potentially your engagement. Change your cover photo and profile photo If you have a new book coming out, change the cover photo with the release date. Post during the following times Anytime you want, to be honest. Hit the "Share. Post high-quality photos The only time you'll ever see stock photos on my page is when they're tied to a blog post. I get more views on my personal page.

    I get lost in the weeds when it comes to varying content. My partner is very leery of sharing any of it, afraid someone might steal it. Email Address. Send Away! Please confirm your subscription in your email inbox.

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