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This is the divine within, the presence that eternally holds you in its arms and knows the truth of your perfection.

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Reconnecting to this original truth is the foundation of Emergence. My client Bonnie understood this never-ending struggle. A little dynamo, Bonnie was always in motion: She was near tears as she spoke.

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Can you help me figure out how to bring more money in? Free Enlightened Living Course: Something is wrong with me.

5 Spiritual Disciplines that Will Change Your Life

She just wanted to get out from under the pain, to get a little ahead of the game, to have some assurance that her children would be okay—and, for the love of God, to finally be able to sleep through a single night. She held her breath. Then her breathing became shallow, more labored.

Words are powerful clues, but the spaces between the words are often even more potent. But it was deeper than that. I could sense the guilt and shame she carried; she felt like a failure as a mother. She had no idea just how deep her struggle was; she was lost in it, and had lost sight of how to find her true self again. I just want to end it. I wanted to reach through the phone and give her a well-deserved hug—I wanted to give back her true self. We must each reach for ourselves. Sometimes my work is to comfort the afflicted, but often it is to afflict the comfortable—to shake up the familiar, albeit limited, patterns.

It can be the only way to find your true self. I let that sink in, expecting a mini-rebellion. Instead I got silence. I think she was waiting for the punch line. I nearly killed myself twice trying to improve myself! Like Gandhi said, you must become the change you want to see in the world. Of course, in truth you already are the change you want to see… you just need to know it.

Many of us have since we lost our true selves.

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Grab hold of them and they can stop a downward spiral away from your true spiritual self. A perfect pattern and a divine intelligence that knows how to bring it into expression. A pause is a wonderful thing. It allows things to sink in, or things to rise up. The result is what appears to be more things coming to you, but is really more of you emerging. I knew she wanted to hear a definite yes, and in my heart I wanted to give it to her. She needed to dig deeper if she was going to experience lasting change and rediscover how to find her true self.

For her, she attached it all to having a successful business, or more accurately, money. And, in some cases, it works initially. Meaning, she changed the world outside but remained the same inside. She was bumping up against a primary problem with many personal development strategies: In other words, instead of struggling physically to manipulate circumstances, the individual struggles mentally and emotionally to achieve the same results.

What we create will always be congruent with our current self-image, so any improvement we attempt will still carry the underlying fears and limited beliefs we have about our true selves, which can only lead to the same stress and struggle. At worst, these efforts can actually magnify our underlying issues and create even bigger problems down the road.

In contrast, when we recognize that everything we need is already within us, and begin to reconnect to that feeling of innate wholeness and perfection—the way we felt toward that baby—we lay the foundation for the Law of Emergence to operate a process that is about becoming or rather, revealing more of who you truly are, unleashing your infinite, often imprisoned, potential. On this path, there is never a danger of going the wrong way or hitting a dead end, because, rather than trying to fix, correct, or fill in something that is missing, the Law of Emergence holds that, when you cultivate your inner conditions, your next evolutionary stage will unfold organically.

And because your next stage is already within you, it will arrive whole, bringing with it everything needed for the fulfillment of your true self.

The 7 Spiritual Laws of Success

As larger paradigms are discovered, previous ideas are often folded into them. Likewise, the Law of Emergence contains the principles of planning, action, attraction, self-awareness, spiritual connection, and all the other elements necessary to creating the life you deeply desire. As a byproduct, the universal laws will continue to operate to draw to you—or, more accurately, from you—everything you need to achieve your true potential. Just as a tree may need additional support to hold it upright while it grows through certain stages, so do we.

Every stage of our development serves a purpose in getting us to the next level. Babies crawl before they walk, cry before they talk, and play with blocks before constructing a building. The key is to not become attached to or overly identified with any practice or condition.

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Just keep ascending higher. A growth spurt, if you will. Emergence works whether or not you know how or why, but having this foundation tends to make it work better, faster, and more consistently. You need to move, walk, ride, and tone your body so your mind will be firm. Express your passion through movement and creativity; your work life and your love life will flow more smoothly.

A Merchant might look at the corporate ladder and try stepping on everyone to reach the top. This is devolution into the Warrior. Building friendships and cultivating people who owe you favors is a much smoother way to the top than making enemies. Just as with cause and effect, you gotta give to get. So get going giving! For Merchants to evolve, they need to make something real in order to appreciate its value.

The price of a house or a stock depends on the market. Value is an idea, one often linked to emotion. But a brick is a brick, a turnip is a turnip. Once Merchants connect to the process of building a house or preparing a home-cooked meal, they begin to appreciate the value of shelter and good diet. Merchants do well to get in touch with the Earth element, and taking a cooking class, volunteering at a homeless shelter, or learning a trade are great ways for them to ground themselves in their Laborer point of evolution. A Laborer trying to outsmart her date with tricks and trivia is going to crash and burn.

This could mean anything from horseback riding touch to having wholesome, down-home food smell and taste. Communication via body language is much stronger than communication through words. Which do you want to use to say what you really want? For Laborers, lightening up and enjoying themselves is a first step to evolution.

852 Hz - LET GO of Fear, Overthinking & Worries - Cleanse Destructive Energy - Awakening Intuition

Taking a salsa class, traveling, singing, and playing, especially in a communal spirit, uplifts the Laborer type. By evolving into Merchants, Laborers also find their own true worth. By evolving into the Merchant, you learn to stand up for your skills and get your due in society.

Other Merchant values involve learning the money game and how economics works, from compound interest to real estate. Taking a financial literacy class, for example, is a great way to get a grasp on money matters and manage your finances. But when Warriors cultivate money and power for self-serving reasons or at the cost of their higher purpose, their spirit wilts.

Such Warriors die early of heart attacks or fall into vices like gambling or drinking. Being successful is fine, as long as you also fight malaria in Africa or devote time to eradicating illiteracy in the inner city.

Whatever your cause, Warrior, if you want to feel truly alive, find your passion and put your considerable skills behind it! Learning anything boosts your edge. You probably did not like school when you were young; there was much more interesting stuff going on outside the classroom. But later in life Warriors begin to appreciate knowledge, as maturity brings the insight that knowledge is power. Read a book; get tutoring or counseling. Go to an astrologer or palmist or try psychotherapy.

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Any kind of one-on-one mentorship is supremely useful for Warrior types. Constantly improve yourself, and remember that knowledge whets the sword of good judgment.

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That is because Outsiders take on traits of other types, along with their evolution and devolution points. Young is a ministerial graduate of the Pecos Benedictine Monastery? A cofounder of the Arkansas Metaphysical Society, he is an ardent student of spirituality. Young is an inspirational teacher who takes participants to the threshold of their own Truth, and is available for workshops, seminars, and presentations.

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Spiritual Intelligence: A New Paradigm for Collaborative Action

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