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It may even become a safety hazard. Clean the forklift regularly from top to bottom. Use a pressure washer to get rid of the dirt instantly. You can also use specialized soaps and detergents to clean the forklift.

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Make sure you use protective clothing and goggles if you handle hazardous cleaning materials. The load that the forklift carries also determines its safety. If the forklift is overloaded, it can tip to the side or over a steep corner or edge. An overloaded machine may be pushed to the side when you are driving it forward, which can be quite hazardous. It is also important to load and unload the forklift properly.

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When it is not done carefully, the person doing the task may get hurt. A rough terrain forklift is usually set up to deal with a number of weights and loads. However, it is the operator who must focus on keeping the machine and everyone around it safe. You need to first check if the forklift is safe to drive or not.

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  7. Check the terrain on which you have to operate the forklift. If you misjudge the terrain, it can lead to serious accidents.


    When you drive it on rough terrains, you need to be absolutely sure that the forklift can handle anything. You have to be attentive while driving so that you can identify potentials hazards or respond to them correctly when they occur. Always have seatbelts on and drive the forklift at safe speeds. You must also consider factors like load stability, surface conditions, machinery operating nearby or people present in the area. The operators must inspect the forklift before each job. They must check if the seatbelts and tires are in good condition.

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    Next comes the horn, brakes, backup alarms and lights. The fluid levels, and the moving and load supporting parts of the forklift must be checked next.

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    By making sure that everything is in proper condition, you can ensure a safe job without the risk of an accident. The forklift must also be inspected regularly even if it is not in use. Gone are the days of waiting around to receive the offer of the parts you need. With all the references, drawings and photos, it is quite easy, making the parts support much faster and more efficient.

    On the other hand, the usage of worldwide known suppliers, means support and parts stock all over the world, for the complete product lifetime. A part of the warranty, we include maintenance kits with the machines, so you can forget about additional costs when you receive your Bomaq forklift. On the other hand, all filters are identified with a label, so you won't even need the parts book to allocate them. From led lights to heated seat, or multimedia system with hands free for your phone. Or maybe you need cabin air conditioning or a diesel based heater, which can be programmed to heat your cabin 15 min.

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    Just to name a few of the multiple options and accesories you can add to your Bomaq, to adapt it to your needs. And if you don't find what you need, just tell us, and we will be please to study your requirements and offer you the best solution. Moreover, we organize annual training meetings , to give our customers a detailed view of our updates, developments and new projects, as well as to have their feedback on the machines.