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It was important for me that the books themselves — in their raw form, piled one on top of the other to create each poem — be placed next to their photographic representation. To preserve their weight, their concrete nature as objects. To show that nothing has been manipulated.

voleur de courant

The viewer is invited to stroll down the text, to take it in through the lens of both language and perception. The colour of the spines, the variation in fonts used, the thickness of the books, the quality of the paper, the age of the tome, whether it's been lovingly thumbed or looks like it's never been read: all of this becomes part of the reading experience.

Carle Coppens was born in Montreal. Thanks to Dominique Malaterre, artistic consultant photo , for his precious advice and the use of his studio.

Julio Le Parc - Voleur de parole - special edition

I am interested in receiving the Phi Centre newsletter which may include news, updates and promotional offers. The limited edition is accompanied with a box set signed and enhanced with the stamp of two parallel lines, as well as an original work, folded and inserted in the book. Pavlos Chirossophos.

Roman Opalka explains a pictorial work about the existence of the artist himself. Roman Opalka explains a pictorial work about the existence of the artist himself the limited edition of the book contains a signed and unique photograph of a section of the artist's bust.

ISBN 13: 9782803609598

New edition of the Letterist manifesto, with an original artwork of inter-participation, consisting of a photograph torn by the artist and inserted in an envelope. A collection of artist's writings about literature, semantics, dreams, poetry, photography, women Fabrice Hyber Richesses.

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  • Aria is a Belgian comic book series written and drawn by Michel Weyland , with colours by Nadine Weyland. It debuted in Tintin in August Aria is an unbound woman warrior , living in an unknown medieval era which is most likely situated in a parallel universe, or in the future.

    Vaiana, la légende du bout du monde Film Complet En Francais - Meilleurs Moments

    Technology and magic coexist, while the powers of the spiritual compete with those acquired by humans. Aria fights for the weak and voiceless, oppressed by the powerholders.